Vote for Eureka Springs as 2024's Strongest Town!

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Vote for Eureka Springs as the Strongest Town!

EUREKA SPRINGS wins nomination for the “March Madness of Urbanism.” Here’s how we can win.

EUREKA SPRINGS, AR — EUREKA SPRINGS will go head-to-head with fifteen other US cities in the 9th Annual Strongest Town Contest and voting begins Monday, March 4. In this bracket-style voting tournament, EUREKA SPRINGS will compete for the “Strongest Town” title by shining a national spotlight on its progress toward safety, financial resiliency, housing, and transportation.

Cast your vote for EUREKA SPRINGS starting Monday, March 4 at

Competitors will advance over five rounds, based on weekly voting periods. One champion will be honored at the Strong Towns National Gathering, with two representatives flown in and presented with an award. Strong Towns will also create a short documentary film about the winning city.

Here’s how voting works. In the first round, EUREKA SPRINGS will compete with three other cities in a special category, “Progress in Public Engagement.”  Then, all cities will advance to Round 2, where they will compete head-to-head and advance weekly based on votes collected during that period:

  • R1: Meet Your Contestants (March 4-8).
  • R2: Sweet Sixteen (March 11-15)
  • R3: Elite Eight (March 18-22). 
  • R4: Final Four (April 1-5).
  • R5: Championship (April 8-12). 

The Champion will be announced on Monday, April 15. Previous contest winners have adapted their roads to be safer and pedestrian friendly, created public centers where local commerce thrives, and provided access to community services through a strong network of community partnerships. What do all these Strongest Towns have in common? They put people first.


Strong Towns is a 501c(3) nonprofit and media advocacy organization that shifts conversations around the North American development pattern. Through articles, podcasts, videos, live events, and city partnerships, they provide knowledge and tools to help cities transform their streets and communities. 


Eureka Springs Contact:  Sandy Royce Martin | procommeureka [at] | 479-244-6636.