CAPC. Agenda

City Advertising and Promotion Commission
CAPC Meeting Agenda
September 27, 2023, 6 pm Eureka Springs Auditorium
*All Pagers and Cell Phones Turned to Silent*


1. Welcome


2. Roll Call


3. Chair Comments


4. Approval of Minutes: 8/23/2023


5. Approval of Financials


6. Report
a. Tourism Director – Scott Bardin
b. Paradise Marketing Agency – Michael Kosowicz


7. Public Comments


8. Jack Moyer & Parks Tour Update


9. Sam Dudley – Basin Park


10. Agenda Updates- Commissioners may add to the agenda with a motion, second, and vote.


11. Old Business


12. New Business
a. Funding Requests
b. Auditorium renovation invoice
c. Parks funding
d. Marketing Support Specialist


13. Commissioners Comments


14. Motion to Adjourn




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