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Eureka Springs was the first Historic District in Arkansas, placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. At the time of this designation, the entire city limits of about two square miles were named as the Historic District. In 2005, a second nomination was approved by the National Park Service, establishing Eureka Springs as Nationally Significant district on the National Register of Historic Places, the only one in Arkansas!

Mission Of The Eureka Springs Historic District Commission

The HDC's overall goal is to preserve and protect our town, not to complicate the lives of property owners! Our shared heritage - the visual, architectural character of Eureka Springs' historic district - is precious. It can neither be found anywhere else in America, nor can it be duplicated or faked.


Change is regulated by issuing Certificates of Appropriateness (CofAs) for work planned on property in the historic district.


A CofA is required when doing any work on the exterior of a building, or on built site improvements. All changes, restoration, maintenance and alterations to buildings, grounds and properties within the boundaries of the district as set by the National Historic Register are subject to approval by the Historic District Commission. A map is available to determine if you live in the district. A CofA is always required, even if a Building Permit is not. You may pick up your application at City Hall. The Eureka Springs Historic District Guidelines are available for you to review at City Hall or follow the links on the front page of this website.


Meetings and Deadlines

Meetings are regularly scheduled for 6 p.m. the first and third Wednesdays of each month in the Lobby of the City Auditorium, 36 S. Main Street.


Level III applications & documents must be received at least 12 days before meeting date.


Eureka Springs Historic District Commission


Meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. in the Auditorium, 36 S. Main Street, usually on the first and third Wednesdays 


In most cases, applicants should attend the meeting.


Level III applications for new construction, additions and demolition are due two weeks before the meeting date.


Level II applications for changes in the envelope of the building are due one week before the meeting date.


Level I applications for minor work and signage are due one week before the meeting date.


Some applications for maintenance, new paint colors, signs and roofing in same material may be approved administratively.

Call HDC staff, 479 253-9703 for questions or more information.