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The Arkansas Department of Health's request to raise the Public Water System Service Fees from $0.30 per meter per month to $0.40 per meter per month was approved during the Ninety-Second General Assembly. The new rate fee becomes effective for August  2019 and thereafter.


This is a monthly $0.10 per meter increase and is not based on gallons consumed. Public Water System Services fees allow water systems to utilize the Arkansas Department of Health's Public Health Laboratory for determining the health and safety of drinking water supplies. Use of the Public Health Laboratory enables faster response to water quality issues that may arise.


Public Water System Service Fees have not increased since 2007, while the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act have greatly increased. This increase will allow the continuation of current testing services and cover the upcoming Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule Five. This year will see proposed rule changes that include lead and copper, perchlorate, cyanotoxins, and polyfluoralkly substances (PFAS).

Important Lead Information:

Lead exposure affects everyone, infants, young children, and pregnant women are especially vulnerable.

Lead seldom occurs naturally in water sources and most likely is caused by corrosion in lead service lines, lead solder, and brass fixtures.

Boiling water will not remove lead and may increase the concentration.

Lead cannot be absorbed through water contact with our skin.

Only use cold water for drinking, cooking, and making baby formula and cereal.

Most importantly, flush your cold water tap if it had not been used for several hours. Always flush until the water runs cool to the touch. The longer the water has been sitting in your home's pipes, the more lead it could potentially contain.

Routinely disassemble faucet aerators and rinse them. Sediment and debris may contain contaminants.

Lead service lines were routinely installed until the 1940s. Most homes built before the 1980s have lead solder connecting copper pipe, and brass fixtures were not required to be lead-free until 2014.

The City of Eureka Springs is committed to the complete removal of all lead and asbestos-concrete piping from its Distribution System. As health concerns are identified during this program, consumers will be notified.

If you have knowledge or concerns that you have lead corrosion in your plumbing system, please contact The Eureka Springs Water Department at 479-253-9600 for advice on the following:

  • Finding an approved laboratory, as testing is the only way to know the severity of corrosion.
  • When installing a water filter, it must be NSF/ANSI 53 approved and correctly maintained.
  • When replacing lead service lines, as a partial replacement can cause increased lead levels and we strongly recommend complete replacement.
  • When identifying the type and size of lines supplying water to your home.
  • When determining the scope of needed plumbing upgrades.

Note: Please see the city webpage forms section under Water-Division for forms related to water, sewer and your account.


Establishing Water Service:

To establish water service for an existing home or apartment the first step is the application and deposit. Deposits must be made in person at City Hall, 44 Main, at the lower level receptionist desk (253-9703). Deposits are based on the meter installation size for the location. If you desire a separate meter for irrigation, there is a separate deposit requirement. Irrigation only meters offer the advantage of billing for water usage only and not the associated sanitation or sewer charges that are included with your main primary service. Credit cards are not accepted for deposits.

New Water Service Application


Water Billing Frequency

Water bills are generally mailed the last day of each month so that customers will receive their bill within the first few days of the month. If you do not receive your water bill, or if you have a billing question, please call 253-9600. Payments are due each month on the 15th. Payments need to be in the drop box at 44 S. Main by 4:30pm or the drop box at Public Works by 3:30pm. Payments placed in drop boxes must be check or money order. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, the bill is due on the final business day prior to the 15th. A 10% late penalty is assessed on current unpaid balances following the due date. Disconnect notices reflecting the late fees assessed to the account are mailed on the first business day following the due date. To avoid service disruption and the $40 nonpayment penalty, payment must be received by 4:30pm at City Hall or 3:30pm at Public Works by the 25th of the month. Water bills include a sewer charge associated with water usage. Sanitation (trash pick-up through Carroll County Solid Waste) is also included on all residential accounts inside the city limits and as directed by CCSW for all other accounts. The table at the end of this document is provided for your use in understanding water & sewer charges appearing on your water bill.


Water Bill Payment Options

Payments may be made by check through the mail or made in person at the City Court House (lower level) at 44 S. Main. We accept payment by check or cash. After hours payment drop boxes are also available for check payments only at the City Court House or at the entrance gate to the Public Works Department at 3174 E. Van Buren.

Automatic bank draft is also available for your convenience on all accounts. You may pick-up an authorization form at the Public Works water department at 3174 E. Van Buren or download from here (link to Water Division Forms's Agreement for Pre-Authorized Payments). Complete the form and attach to it one deposit slip or voided check. Bring or mail the form and voided check/deposit slip to the Public Works office or place in the after hour drop box at the entrance gate to the Public Works office or 44 S. Main. The Federal Reserve requires the first month be a trial run by the bank for validation purposes. Therefore, your bill will not be auto-drafted from your bank account until the second billing cycle after submission of the form. Once in effect, there will be a printed notification on the bottom of your bill indicating Paid By Draft for those payment months utilizing bank auto-draft.

You can also pay online



For water and sewer emergencies after business hours, call the police department at 253-8666. A public works employee is always on call and will respond as soon as possible to shut-off water due to leaks or other problems.

NOTE: It is a violation of the Eureka Springs Municipal Code for anyone other than a city employee to turn water on or off at the meter.Violations can result in a fine of up to $250. City ORD Sec 10.24.06 (D).

Swimming Pools

Public Works recommends 3-day notification to the Public Works Dept. prior to filling swimming pools. A form can be provided to the owner that will allow waiver of associated sewer collection/treatment charges based on capacity of the pool (in gallons). The form is available on this link (Link to Water Division Forms Swimming Pool Sewer Waiver Form) under the city webpage Forms‚Äö section. It is illegal to discharge water containing Cl (chlorine) concentrations > 4pm into the city sewer lines or upon ground. Please contact the city for assistance if you suspect your Cl levels exceed this limit.


Customer Tips

The smallest of water leaks in water piping, toilet valves, sink faucets, hoses left on with a leaky connection or nozzle can result in significant increased cost to your water bill. As an example, a 1/8 size hole in a water pipe hole can result in 11,000+ gallons of water loss per month. Leaking faucets can cause similar water losses. Such leaks not only result in major increases in your cost, but result in long-term detrimental effects to the water table resource. Addressing such losses by inspecting and correcting problems is one approach to keeping earth Green. Important Tip: During winter freezes, 

Make sure your outside piping is properly protected to prevent freezing!


Customer water leak policy

The Public Works Department has a written policy for providing credits for water and sewer billing charges due to leakage. This policy is strictly enforced and includes limitations dependent upon the circumstances of leakage. A form is provided to apply to determine if your leak meets the policy criteria. Link to Water Division Application For Sewer / Water Credit Due to Leak.

Think Green!