Licensing & Permitting

Business License: range from $40 up*


Prices may vary according to specifics of the business.
Business licenses are required for ALL those conducting business in Eureka Springs, even if based elsewhere. If trade licenses are required by the state of Arkansas, then proof of licensure must also be presented as well as proof of a Surety Bond. Many occupations must also have state licenses before working in Arkansas.


Certificate of Occupancy:

Must pass a safety inspection by City Building Official and Fire Marshall. Fee: $50



Restaurants must pass semi-annual grease trap inspections by Building Official ($30)
Arkansas state laws also apply.
Contact:County Health Sanitarian, 870-423-3514


Special Permits are required for some businesses. Before being issued they require a public hearing and approval by Eureka Springs City Council. Those businesses include: Animal-Drawn Vehicles Operated For Hire, Sightseeing Tours; Taxicabs, others.


Arkansas State License & Tax Information: is a web site guide to all state-related information and has many necessary forms on-line.